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It is a dilemma looking at the types of mosquito profiles, but it all depends on the type of windows to which we adjust the mosquito nets.

Windows with flat edges (felts) where the window sash is retracted in relation to its frame, it is good to use standard mosquito nets. If the window frame is very flush with its wing, we also use the standard profile by assembling the rotating handles of the mosquito nets on the other side of the “flat” mosquito net profile (window types: panorama 2000, most windows of aluminium joinery)

Windows with well-rounded wounds, where the mosquito net flange should be longer, the Exclusive profile will be an ideal application for them. (window types: Veka Perfect line, Aluplast 7000, Brügmann article Plus, drutex iglo).

Windows with flat and partially rounded edges additionally gently facing the frame and the wing fit into mosquito nets made of a universal profile thanks to the narrow lip enabling the frame to be mounted on the window. (window types: Veka Platinium, Iglo Energy, etc.) The universal mosquito netting allows us to use it under external blinds, fitting in between the window and the roller blinds.

In our offer, you will find a very wide range of colours, but if there is a need to paint profiles for a different colour from the RAL palette, it is possible, however, the number of items ordered is a minimum of 10 frames. Such mosquito nets do not have standard plastic corners, their profiles are cut at an angle of 45 degrees and joined by internal aluminium corners, thanks to which the mosquito net colour is uniform throughout its entire circumference.

The most commonly used mesh for window and door screens is a glass fiber mesh and PVC coated in gray and black.

Our offer also includes steel and aluminum mesh, which are most often used in basement windows or places exposed to pests such as rats and mice. We can also apply a steel mesh against pets such as dogs, cats, canaries.

During warm summer days, everyone likes to open the window and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but such a pleasure may cost us visits of uninvited guests, such as insects, especially in the evening. Mosquitoes, flies, flies, wasps or other animals are flying into our homes and flats, which causes that they can spoil our mood and later we have to chase around the whole house and apartment for uninvited guests.

Bites of some insects can be bothersome and painful and in rare cases (people allergic to eg wasps or bees) lead to death. Therefore, it is very convenient and practical to install window and door mosquito screens which will provide us with fresh air and block the visit of insects, but also be getting into the house of dust from the outside.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of ready frames for windows or doors.