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Ready mosquito nets

Ready frames with a door nets

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Door mosquito nets

Easy-to-use mosquito screens with hinged doors do not limit visibility in the door light. They are made of special aluminum door profiles with a bar in the middle or without, in the following colours: white, chocolate brown, dark brown, anthracite, golden oak, mahogany and winchester. The fibreglass mesh can be gray or black according to the customer’s order.

  • Description

    The door can be in single or double form, additionally, we produce one-leaf sliding mosquito nets, which are more and more often used in window joinery. We also offer arched or trapezoidal doors.

    On request, we fill the bottom part of the door frame up to 80 cm high with a polycarbonate plate in which you can install a passage for animals. The door mosquito net is mounted on one side of the door frame on three hinges, and on the other, it is closed by two magnetic locks.

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