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Supplementary aluminium section M-220-00

Supplementary aluminium section

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Product code: M-220-XX
Colours: white, chocolate brown, golden oak, dark brown, brown walnut, golden oak with wood structure, brown walnut with wood structure, mahogany with wood structure, winchester, anthracite
Dimension: 3.2 m
Unit of account: art
Packaging: 5 pieces

Aluminium profile door complemented.

  • Description

    Code Colour RAL
    M-220-01 white 9016
    M-205-02 chocolate brown 8017
    M-220-03 golden oak 8003
    M-220-04 dark brown 8022
    M-220-05 brown walnut 8028
    M-220-33 golden oak with wood structure 8003 str.
    M-220-55 brown nut with wood structure 8028 str.
    M-220-66 mahogany with wood structure 8015 str.
    M-220-77 winchester
    M-220-08 anthracite 7016