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What does a mosquito net give us?

During warm summer days, everyone likes to open the window and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but such a pleasure may cost us visits of uninvited guests, such as insects, especially in the evening. Mosquitoes, flies, flies, wasps or other animals are flying into our homes and flats, which causes that they can spoil our mood and later we have to chase around the whole house and apartment for uninvited guests.

Bites of some insects can be bothersome and painful and in rare cases (people allergic to eg wasps or bees) lead to death. Therefore, it is very convenient and practical to install window and door mosquito screens which will provide us with fresh air and block the visit of insects, but also be getting into the house of dust from the outside.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of ready frames for windows or doors.

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