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Welcome to the website of Moskito Company.

Our company has been operating since 1997. We produce and sell elements for framed window & French door mosquito screens. We also sell ready made non-detachable framed window and French door screens. French door screens open on hinges.

We have considerable experience in cooperation with window manufacturers.

This cooperation resulted in the development of a universal section shape for screen production. One of the advantages of ready made framed screens is their installation. They can be easily attached onto a window sash by means of pivoting grips.

Our ready made products have technical approval: cert. no. AT-06-0625/2003

Mosquito screens against insects are suitable for installation in all window joinery systems, both PVC and wooden. Simple and secure way of fixing the window mosquito net around its perimeter with the help of rotating handles, without disturbing the frame structure makes the mounted mosquito net on the window increases its functionality and effectively protects our rooms from insects. Window mosquito screens are made of the highest quality aluminum.

Hinged door insects are excellent protection against insects, guaranteeing the free use of balconies or terraces. It does not limit visibility in the light of the door. They are made of special aluminum door profiles with a bar in the middle or without, in white, brown and gold oak. Mosquito nets for the door are filled with a glass fiber mesh of gray or black. It is possible to fill the bottom of the frame up to 80 cm high with a polycarbonate plate. The door mosquito net is fixed on one side by means of three hinges to the door frame, and on the other hand, by means of two magnetic locks, it is kept in a closed position. The door mosquito net can be mounted equally to PVC and wooden doors.

Take care of window and door mosquito nets in your home, protect your relatives and yourself from intruders.

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